Saturday, September 27, 2008

You give me (F1) fever

I had a VIP box at the first ever F1 night race!
Well, it seemed like that anyway.
My aunt's suntec city office overlooks the F1 circuit near Raffles Boulevard where there are 3 curves in the road quite close to each other.
So I joined her on Friday night when the teams were doing test runs.Perched myself on her office table, munched on a carl's junior burger and fries, slurped my coke, and watched the cars go round the circuit like newbies on Need For Speed (here we go now). They went round the corner gingerly. They got better at it with every lap they took, and the progress was really cool to see. Above them, long lines of cars passed by serenely on the Benjamin Sheares bridge (why am I not surprised that there's a wikipedia entry?). Incidentally, Dr Benjamin Sheares delivered my father. How cool is it to have been delivered by a man who later became Singapore's 2nd President?

Back to F1. The cars were very loud. And that's an understatement. There was an incessant buzzing sound, which was loud and clear even from an enclosed office space!

I expanded my knowledge of the F1 universe... In addition to the instantly-recognisable Ferrari red, I can now tell a Mclaren-Mercedes car (orange and black...but looks like red and black). And a Honda (err I think it's white and green).

I wasn't an F1 fan but it's much more interesting to me now.

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