Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just popping in

Hi there,
Don't worry, I'm still here! Been soooooo busy at work. Tis a nice weekend ahead, almost work-free... I had a nice little walk with my mum this morning, a great picnic last week, the dramatic arrival of the latest baby among my BFsF (yikes, and then there were FOUR kids to get Christmas presents for), lots of nice little things that give this life a delightful flavour (to tide me over the gruelling moments).

Some blog-surfing took place this morning too:

Karen Chen's post about the birds and the bees was entertaining :)

A mobile truck of ice cream and designer apparel... I like the idea. Incidentally, most of the blogs I read are by women and I thought I'd add in some guys blogs to the mix.

Got to run now!
(Picture me with a satisfied little smile on my face at the moment.)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Come take a walk

Come take a walk, by the beach.
Follow some tracks.

Leave your bag on a log.

Get some sand between your toes.
Gaze at grains of sand. And little twigs.

And little things, washed up onto the shore.

And stick some rods into the sand, if you like.

Weekend in Batam

My aunt and cousin from Canada were in town for a few weeks and we tried to squeeze in whatever activities we could, in between work and whatnot. Memories of a luan-see yet relaxing family holiday to Batam.

Ferry ride. Scored a table with a window view. Played (what else) Monopoly Deal. Snacking on chips before 10am. Love hanging out with my cousins.

Just enjoying an afternoon by the pool.

Trip home. Up on the deck, a cool wind blew. We followed the path of the sun home.