Saturday, May 19, 2012

In which I half feel like buying a camera

Well my 3rd canon ixus hit the dust when I dropped it earlier this year. In my haste to get a photo in front of the ArtScience Museum AND catch up with my group real quick, the ixus fell from my grasp, hit the ground and suffered fatal damage as I let out a dismayed yelp.

I got over it after I realized my Samsung S2 phone was more than able to step up to the fore.

But I just saw this beautiful video (Coney Island Love Letter) and felt like making a video. Love the music, which reminded me of Claire De Lune in Ocean's Eleven (love that fountain scene) and in Twilight (posted another link here back in '09!).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At the movies

In the past fortnight, I've watched two movies. Both involve lots of things going boom, crash and ping! And a couple of bad-guy aliens.

I find it quite cathartic.

First, I watched Battleship. Alone. It was one of those days that I hopped on my bike, ran errands and took myself to see a movie.

Then I watched Marvel's The Avengers. More bang, whizz, bang ensued. Having watched Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, I quite enjoyed the way the avengers were brought together in one movie.

And so I wonder many other people enjoy watch a movie alone? And which superhero do people like best in the avengers? Iron man gets my vote for having cool technology smarts and a lovely penthouse!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hunger-induced posts

I dunno, I must be hungry right now.

Recipe for hot fudge pudding cake. Looks good. Looks like I have the ingredients. Looks like I could do it.

This recipe for linguine with asparagus & eggs looks simple to do, and yummy. I love poached eggs. Actually I love eggs in all forms.

This recently-found site has so beautiful pictures and mouth-watering eats.  With inspiration from the blog, I daydream a little of working from home and pottering about. Ah, well. In the meantime, the pasta here looks great (and there are beautiful eggs yet again!)

On Childhood Play

When I read this post by Joanna on advice on kids' toys, I thought about the great fun my brother and I had with basic, random toys. Toys in those innocent days were such a treat, and the more expensive ones were stored carefully in their boxes. We still have them today!

Being the older kids in the clan, we got our fair share of toys at Christmas and birthdays. As our aunts like to say, we were so lucky. But I really had the most fun with our lego sets (we played for countless hours over many years!) and masak-masak where we (I) played house and make-believe and made up all sorts of quests and adventures largely revolving around keeping house in the woods and gathering firewood* and food (reminiscent of the famous favorite title was Five Run Away Together...thanks, Enid Blyton).

Years later, I would continue my love of play by making quests for my young cousins..and yes I do believe I'm still at it with my friends' kids. Camping time!

*Firewood? In Singapore? Haha.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello! A Thursday post.

So much good stuff has been happening. Life has been a whirlwind of accomplishments and buzz. More on that another time.

In the meantime, newly found links:

I think I have a vanilla pod somewhere in the house. This dessert recipe looks easy enough!

Ideas on wearing hot pink (or color of any sort). I'm inspired.