Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day Out with K & G

Days like these don't come by very often (literally years).
And when they do, you savour them, enjoy them with relish, and take lots of photographs.

p.s. I adore rambling about in the civic district...


Rooftop, Bras Brasah Complex (here)

Font: Lazy Day (appropriately enough). I will remember the cool breeze + overcast sky + phototaking with glee & wild abandon for years to come.

I have a thing for photos of HDB blocks.

Paperbacks, with the elegant Raffles Hotel in the background.

Oh! My heart skipped a beat with this beautiful shot.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Banyan Tree Bintan

Snapshots from a weekend getaway with my church friends, with lots of laughter and chilling out.

Hello Operator? Buggy, please. (Lazy holiday indeed!)

Private pool from which to gaze at the sky meeting the sea. Changing shades of blue and white, light and darkness. Lovely.

Champagne at breakfast - sheer decadence.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life's Sweet

I thank God for my family. I feel incredibly blessed to have all this love around me...
Anyway, here's my dad barely 3 weeks after his operation, AND he just started his first round of chemo (which the doc promised wouldn't cause hair loss - at least for the current cocktail of drugs). Dad has been more tired of late but keeping in good spirits and overall doing well.

Cousin G is back in town this season and that was reason enough for a whole lot of family activity - let the luan-see-ness begin. Good timing, really, dad quite enjoyed having people around.

Photo: Dad enjoying a sunny day by the beach.


Sweet Paul magazine Fall 2011 - Gorgeous!

Ooh, Morocco.