Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which I uncover some subconscious fascinations with farm life

Carolyn shared this blog called Dutch Girl Cooking with me. The Easy Butter recipe consists of cream, salt and pepper. Easiest recipe I ever heard of in my life. I'm not even sure it counts as a recipe (ponder ponder ponder). Still, I was amused - both with the post as well as with my own fascination over the photos. Wow, it turns into BUTTER!!! I think I have deep subconscious fascinations with farming life (and picnics. and adventures. oh boy.), wrought by all those Enid Blyton books I used to read.

I'm bemusedly sharing another blog that I read. Ahem, it's called (building) a little house by the woods. She writes about her work-in-progress farm, how she got there, and cute little craft projects.

If I'm not careful, my romantic notions about farm life may find me settling down in the Kranji Countryside.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

For Chelle

~ For Chelle who is super free right now ~
  1. This lady used to do design work for martha stewart...very cool stuff. I was inspired by her self-described favourite (craft) trick and her birthday party favours.
  2. I like blogs with stories about lives and a bit of creativity thrown in. Now this is a fun project I would like to do someday. Hmm, bug me so I actually get it done.
  3. Oh I can totally understand this lady's print addiction. I've saved lots of stuff over the years to re-use in great new ways. But your stuff, my dear, takes the cake :)
  4. Of course the ever creative Ali E. ... you might be inspired by this love mini-book/card project.
manda :)

Night Out

I'm really quite a homebody. I get tired if I'm out too much in a week. Like if I know I'm going to be busy several nights or have a busy weekend ahead, I start thinking of taking leave, get a little respite from all the activity.

But the occasional night out leaves me feeling refreshed and alive. It feels good to have a change and a total break from everything.

Tonight I met some old was funny how people just seem the same no matter how many years you haven't seen each other. The only things that have changed are the husbands / houses / job changes and so on that have happened in between. But really, it's like we were still in JC or something.

The other day, Feli and I collected our new ICs (one of those rites of passage...) and we were like, I still feel 20! Being competitive, she had to say she felt like she was 15. Hahahah.

In this day and age of ultra fast communication, it is so nice to have that human touch.

* * *

I got my new Marvy square punch!!! I am such a nut over stationery... :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Starlight, Star bright

One of my dreams is to see the Milky Way some day.

This comes close: seeing a whole sky chock-full of stars at Tekapo, NZ. Incidentally, tekapo sounds rather Hokkien-ish... oh yes, it sounds like tea-po or something like it (I believe it's the name of a fish that I really really love, fried and shredded and in a bowl of da-mee. yums.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

I wish I could linger but...

Today will be busy.
A new IC to collect.
A baby to play with.
Bulletin to do, in church.
Helping out at a senior citizens' CNY dinner, with my very limited hokkien/mandarin.

Side note: I am thinking of signing up for a course on photoshop for scrapbookers.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Singapore dreamin'

A Singapore shophouse spread in the NYT.

If anyone else caught A Kucinta Family Reunion on Channel 5... did they also laugh out loud when they saw the milo tin? I did :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isaac for Liz

Oh wow. I like the grey-ness as backdrop to the perky pink, the little bit of graffiti on the wall, Isaac Mizrahi sitting unobtrusively to the side... but what I really like is how a box swivels around with a little story and even a videoclip when you click on the key people in the photo. It was so cool, I was blown away.

From Liz Claiborne.