Thursday, February 19, 2009

Night Out

I'm really quite a homebody. I get tired if I'm out too much in a week. Like if I know I'm going to be busy several nights or have a busy weekend ahead, I start thinking of taking leave, get a little respite from all the activity.

But the occasional night out leaves me feeling refreshed and alive. It feels good to have a change and a total break from everything.

Tonight I met some old was funny how people just seem the same no matter how many years you haven't seen each other. The only things that have changed are the husbands / houses / job changes and so on that have happened in between. But really, it's like we were still in JC or something.

The other day, Feli and I collected our new ICs (one of those rites of passage...) and we were like, I still feel 20! Being competitive, she had to say she felt like she was 15. Hahahah.

In this day and age of ultra fast communication, it is so nice to have that human touch.

* * *

I got my new Marvy square punch!!! I am such a nut over stationery... :)

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