Friday, April 27, 2012


Ahh, Friday.

It's a hot sunny day. Love feeling the warmth, and looking forward to relaxing and doing assorted pottering around the house.

Some links I've come across recently:

Pretty book. And yes I feel like wandering about myself...but knowing me, I'd soon get homesick. For now, I'll wander around online.

Easy hairstyles here (I'd try the first one shown in the video) and here.

DIY clutch, looks cute and easy to do. If only they did things like this in Home Econs class back in school.

Have an apple-crumble-and-ice-cream-kind-of-weekend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Assorted food photography links

Although I find it interesting to look at the work of food stylists, and I love seeing behind-the-scenes action, this is probably something I wouldn't want to do full-time or even take up as a serious hobby.

Still, some seriously beautiful photos are found at the links below...

Peter Frank Edwards. Wow is under-stating things a little.
Matt Armendariz. Amazing, astoundingly good-enough-to-eat photos.
Adam Pearson. Ditto.
Sweet Paul. Love this magazine. So sweet.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bike Love

I really do.

(Photo: Have been making do without bicycle bells but finally decided that it was time to get some. These are for kids' bikes but are bright & perky - and cheap. Just the thing to alert pedestrians to keep to the side.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plate to Pixel: A Really Useful & Pretty Book

I waited quite a long while to borrow this book.
And it was worth the wait.
It is a gem of a book,
packed with good ideas and practical how-tos.

So I am now in the midst of perusing the author's blog ( and other food styling/photography websites.

Hope your weekend is happy & peaceful.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How Manda Got Her Groove Back (My Organised Space & Adventures in Craft!)

[Update: - I write some posts on my phone, and I was halfway through this post when technical errors struck. Thought I'd lost the text but just found out that it actually got through, although somewhat disjointed. Have finished the post here.]

Flashback to earlier this year: Chelle gave me a whole bunch of scrappy stuff. I gave some to my cousin and packed the rest, re-organising my stash in the processes. The weeks passed.

Today, I decided to make something for Anne. A 30th birthday is a big milestone!

So I cleared some space on my table, above the cabinet where most of my stash is stashed. 

I picked out a base set of papers to work with, then pulled out matching embellishments, like rub-ons. I reached for tools: paper cutter, scissors, corner rounder. 

As it's been quite some time since I last made anything, I found myself slightly amazed that I was inspired again.

I put it down to a few this-works-for-me factors:
- An important enough reason to make something
- Having my stuff organized and ready to use, which means having similar items grouped together, tools within easy reach and a clear desk area to work on
- Fun embellishments and paper within view, such as those in clear plastic holders
- I limited the number of embellishments going on, so I didn't stress over using a whole lot of tools or fancy stuff, just enough to convey my birthday greetings
- I figured I could complete the task within the time limit, like 30 min, and I found my old watch - propped up prominently within my work area - quite useful. Not too surprisingly, I ended up taking more than double the amount of time needed, but trying to get things done speedily helped so that I didn't spend too much time thinking of different layouts.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Star Wars: I Am Not A Committee!

My work life involves committees and many committee meetings, so this scene cracked me up when I watched this some time ago.

So glad it's a long weekend.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday escapade: home viewings via Design*Sponge

Oh, so pretty.
I love simple, classic, well-made things that last a long time.
Like things in this home!

Lazy, Hot Sunday Afternoons

Follow the cat.