Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good times

Calamari, pasta, lava cake, and good times with my peer group at
church, yay (yay about the people, that is.) We used to hang out so
much more but these days we are so much busier with work, different
areas of service in church and so on. I guess in some way it makes our
times together more valuable.

Monday, October 25, 2010

And we're back

Am back home... and missing the view.
But it's home, sweet home anyway!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Auntie Moment

Location: soft serve ice creamshop. What's soft serve, you might ask?
A shop selling smooth Japanese ice cream...

So we stood at the shop.

Me (mumuring): it's quite expensive, right... Macdonald's is only 60
cents...(auntie moment!!)

15 year-old cousin: it's different! And it's 70 cents, b-t-w...

Anyway, it still looked exactly like the same ice cream you get at
macs, minus the extra toppings which don't matter to me because I only
need chocolate... Still, I liked the design of the shop :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to the 80s

My heart starts aching
My hands keep shaking
and you know, you know, you know...

It was a nice, though rather warm, night and it brought back memories of being 12, listening to Debbie Gibson warble on my classmate's walkman during recess time (talk about old school).

A sizable crowd had gathered at Fort Canning.

There was chilling to be be done.

We also got to our feet and sang along. Words that I hadn't suspected I'd remembered came out on cue...

Oh and Rick Astley was in fine form. The crowd clearly approved.

And just to leave you with a perky number for the week... (I was in a cab 2 days ago and it came on the radio. Good memories :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday lunch menu

The last time I was in Bali at one of my favourite restaurants, I had a delicious grilled chicken with avocado salad, or something like that.

I wolfed it down before I remembered to take photos but I do remember thinking I could replicate it at home.

Something was missing...

I bought ingredients for a balsamic-vinegar type salad a week ago. Namely, balsamic vinegar, rocket, mustard seeds, raisins, cherry tomatoes. And the rest, like olive oil, I already had at home.

We had the salad 2 or 3 times this week, accompanying different dishes. And for the balance of the salad, I was dying to cook something for myself this beautiful Sunday after church. So I hotfooted it back home, seasoned the chicken breast with salt, pepper (I like adding both finely ground and coarsely ground pepper seeds) and lemon juice.

While the chicken sizzled away, I tossed the salad and plated it, mind you (a-la-the food network and TLC...). I turned the chicken a couple of times and placed it carefully on top of my artistically-arranged wild-and-organic-rocket salad. Voila. Jamie Oliver would be proud.


image from Ukulele Movement

I have ukuleles (pronounced YOO-Koo-leh-lee...quite singaporean huh?) on my mind.
I saw someone playing at a seminar about a month ago, and I had fun strumming nonsense yesterday on the BFF's little guitar...

For the un-initiated: the ukulele is a 4-stringed instrument, unlike the guitar which is 6-stringed.

I cracked up when I saw this. If this boy can do it, so can I (drive my friends up the wall I mean).

I guess I just want to try something different.
Learn a musical instrument.
Strum a little tune, sing a little song...

Well, we'll see! I'm gonna sit on this and see if the fancy fizzles out...