Monday, October 26, 2009

The Aforementioned View

Though of course, a photo doesn't do it justice. Bee-yew-ti-ful day.

One of my favourite lounging spots in the villa that we're staying in.
The view from the verandah is spectacular.

Right now I am
Looking at the great ocean view - nothing between me and Antartica.
And the magnificent white foam on the water - maybe about 600m out
from the shore. And seaweed farmers gliding elegantly about.
Feeling the gentle breeze, alternately cool and warm, on my skin and
my hair.
Hearing the sound of the waterfall and pool.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is good

Finally, a day of peace and quiet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, and an unplanned afternoon off

Unplanned, but good for the soul.

This afternoon I was...
Hearing: My two best friends talking and laughing.
Smelling: Fresh air at the Botanic Gardens.
Touching: Hmm. The little container of chilli sauce. Inside joke.
Seeing: Leafy green trees. Tourists strolling by with cameras in hand. Mothers enjoying the nice weather, and their children running around...ah, blissful childhood.
Tasting: Chicken teriyaki burger at Casa Verde. And fish and chips. And sausage and mash. As always, sharing food.

Inspiration for this post: I thought this blog entry was rather nice and decided to do my own!

p.s. 1 MORE WEEK TO GO! Whee.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flowers & Prints

1. Many, many years ago, I bought a large print at ikea for the handy wall next to my office cubicle. It's still there - slightly faded, but its blocks of colour make me happy.

2. This week, I bought flowers to support fund-raising efforts at my work place. The nice folks who sold me the flowers were very enthusiastic and I passed the word round, so other people bought flowers and the office was abloom. Amazing what flowers do to a room.

3. Which brings me to the very nice prints I just saw here, from M+E.

"Because you're too old to buy art at ikea" - hmmm, maybe...

"Because white walls are boring" - but I like white walls! and other coloured walls...

"Because prints + flowers make a room" - Agreed!

p.s. I contemplated bring the flowers home for the weekend but they seemed to be doing so well in the cool of the office that I thought I'd leave them where they were. I hope they last past the weekend! It would be nice to have them welcome me back to work. Memo to self: flowers at work are totally worth it cos they last so much longer than at home - 5 days and counting...

Dreaming of pretty places

I'm dreaming of pretty, happy places. Breathtaking views. Moments with a capital M.
I'm thinking gorgeous horizons from high look out points. Sunny days with a seabreeze wafting up and feet resting pretty on green grass. I'm thinking fields and fields of clouds. Or rapeseed fields, fields of gold. I'm thinking french windows and cobbled streets and courtyards and quaint, beautiful things. There is so much beauty in the world :)

I am so looking forward to my holiday in 2 weeks' time!!!

Meanwhile, there is lots of eye-candy here, on a beautiful french house restoration, by a lady whose blog I read. Oh and I would love to go on a good, solid hike. Yes, I really want to get away! But then again I still believe that every day is an adventure. I'm looking for the beauty in each day.