Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, and an unplanned afternoon off

Unplanned, but good for the soul.

This afternoon I was...
Hearing: My two best friends talking and laughing.
Smelling: Fresh air at the Botanic Gardens.
Touching: Hmm. The little container of chilli sauce. Inside joke.
Seeing: Leafy green trees. Tourists strolling by with cameras in hand. Mothers enjoying the nice weather, and their children running around...ah, blissful childhood.
Tasting: Chicken teriyaki burger at Casa Verde. And fish and chips. And sausage and mash. As always, sharing food.

Inspiration for this post: I thought this blog entry was rather nice and decided to do my own!

p.s. 1 MORE WEEK TO GO! Whee.

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