Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flowers & Prints

1. Many, many years ago, I bought a large print at ikea for the handy wall next to my office cubicle. It's still there - slightly faded, but its blocks of colour make me happy.

2. This week, I bought flowers to support fund-raising efforts at my work place. The nice folks who sold me the flowers were very enthusiastic and I passed the word round, so other people bought flowers and the office was abloom. Amazing what flowers do to a room.

3. Which brings me to the very nice prints I just saw here, from M+E.

"Because you're too old to buy art at ikea" - hmmm, maybe...

"Because white walls are boring" - but I like white walls! and other coloured walls...

"Because prints + flowers make a room" - Agreed!

p.s. I contemplated bring the flowers home for the weekend but they seemed to be doing so well in the cool of the office that I thought I'd leave them where they were. I hope they last past the weekend! It would be nice to have them welcome me back to work. Memo to self: flowers at work are totally worth it cos they last so much longer than at home - 5 days and counting...

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