Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dreaming of pretty places

I'm dreaming of pretty, happy places. Breathtaking views. Moments with a capital M.
I'm thinking gorgeous horizons from high look out points. Sunny days with a seabreeze wafting up and feet resting pretty on green grass. I'm thinking fields and fields of clouds. Or rapeseed fields, fields of gold. I'm thinking french windows and cobbled streets and courtyards and quaint, beautiful things. There is so much beauty in the world :)

I am so looking forward to my holiday in 2 weeks' time!!!

Meanwhile, there is lots of eye-candy here, on a beautiful french house restoration, by a lady whose blog I read. Oh and I would love to go on a good, solid hike. Yes, I really want to get away! But then again I still believe that every day is an adventure. I'm looking for the beauty in each day.

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