Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which I uncover some subconscious fascinations with farm life

Carolyn shared this blog called Dutch Girl Cooking with me. The Easy Butter recipe consists of cream, salt and pepper. Easiest recipe I ever heard of in my life. I'm not even sure it counts as a recipe (ponder ponder ponder). Still, I was amused - both with the post as well as with my own fascination over the photos. Wow, it turns into BUTTER!!! I think I have deep subconscious fascinations with farming life (and picnics. and adventures. oh boy.), wrought by all those Enid Blyton books I used to read.

I'm bemusedly sharing another blog that I read. Ahem, it's called (building) a little house by the woods. She writes about her work-in-progress farm, how she got there, and cute little craft projects.

If I'm not careful, my romantic notions about farm life may find me settling down in the Kranji Countryside.

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