Friday, September 12, 2008

Make-believe for grownups

Things I would bring to Paris

One of the reasons I loved the Sims was all the house-building, appliance-buying and home decorating I could do. I could spend ages in build mode, with unlimited cash (using the beautiful cheat codenamed "rosebud").

So you can imagine that all I could think when I found this site was, uh-oh.

It's a deviously easy site to use. It has beautiful clothes and shoes and bags and accessories. You drag and drop items you like. You delete them if you change your mind. You move them, resize them, flip them, bring them to the front or relegate them to the back. You put an outfit together. You try out different combinations with the same item. You add backgrounds and fonts. You share items and parade your collections. It's online shopping-meets-online community-meets-the sims-meets-photoshop-flickr-and-dafont all at the same time.

Signing off for the weekend...

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