Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handmade musings

I'm dreaming of handmade things. Cards, jewellery, prints...pretty artsy things. I wish we had cool craft-y flea market type places here, and a groundswell of artistry and craftmanship. I'm slowly browsing through the vendors exhibiting at the renegrade craft fair in Chicago.

6 months ago we were at a timeout-organised flea market which turned out to be ok-ayyyy. Pity it was a wet and rainy Sunday and there were just a handful of people wandering in to look. I remember some nice decorations for kids' rooms made by a Bali-based artist though, and I got a pretty necklace from these folks.

I like browsing people's shops in Etsy (oh what a nicely whimsical name for a craft haven). Like this one called Made by Hank. The pictures above are details of some of the bags this lady has made. I'm always drawn to POCKETS and HOOKS (in caps because they make me go Oooh! They just appeal to the ORGANISER fanatic in me...). I LOVE COMPARTMENTS for phones & keys. And the words she's sewen are so cute! I would do that...but for cards or little booklets, not for bags :)

I wonder if I could make anything for sale....just a little cottage industry. I wouldn't be surprised if handmade stuff is already or will be a big cottage industry in the next few years.

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