Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello again, Saturday

Saturday morning again! My morning for seeing what other bloggers have been up to this week. As an aside - remind me not to have a stereotypical Chinese Singaporean wedding. I want something different! Inspiration here.

Ok ok, I don't just spend Saturday mornings online. I like to:
  • Wake up when I am ready to. Which is about 7 or 8, depending. Yes it's early but I sleep early too. And anyway I have a whole weekend waiting for me!
  • Have breakfast. A very important meal indeed.
  • Adjourn to the living room sofa with coffee cup, plop myself down, put my feet up and read the Straits Times from cover to cover. Flip, flip. Sip. Ahhhh. This morning's paper had a special on dementia and its growing occurance here. Very The Notebook-like, only much less romantic. I feel sad whenever I read about people who need help. I have so much, and there are people out there who would be happy with even a fraction. I'm chewing on what I can do. Meanwhile, it occurs to me that by staying gainfully employed, the work that i do contributes to keeping the economy going and the (meagre) taxes I pay help run programmes to help people in need! Cool.
  • (When my ankle is well) Insert: Take a walk with mum in the park by the sea.
  • Yes, my ankle still hurts. Maybe I should have an x-ray. I can hear my family going I told you so, or as they say in my family, THERE you go!!
  • X-ray is a cool word, no? It is about the only word I know that starts with the letter X. THE LETTER X! HA HA HA HA! (I'm thinking about The Count from Sesame Street right now, if you wanna know). But, I digress.
  • Mosey on to my room, turn on my iBook, check email, surf blogs or update mine, do online "errands" like settle bills.
  • Tidy up my room, like my messy table top which has just accumulated piles of books to be read or paper to be recycled, cards to be written. My to-be corner.
  • From time to time, roughly every 3 months, I take stock of how I'm doing financially. I think about my daily and other expenses and about financial goals. I realised that I was being pretty aimless so as a result of my ponderings, I've just opened a mysavings account.
  • I realised that I don't do the same regular stocktake for my spiritual health, which ironically is more important to me than my financial health. Time to address that.
p.s. I had Abba songs in my head the whole week. Help!

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