Monday, July 2, 2012

A walk in the clouds (Gardens by the Bay!)

I had a great time this past weekend, checking out the newly-launched Gardens by the Bay with friends.

It was...incredible.

Being at the Gardens is like being:

(a) On a movie set. Specifically, Jurassic Park (or some random alien flick). 

In the Cloud Dome

(b) In a temperate country. Misty walk, anyone? I'd love to be here in the quiet of the early morning.

(c) At the Chelsea Garden Show, which admittedly I've never been to (that's the whole point, bring the world here so I don't have to travel?). I imagine the show looks something like the Flower Field (in the Flower Dome, one of two giant conservatories). Bring out the cameras!

In the Flower Dome

(d) Deep within some jungle, gazing at rarely seen plant species. Below: Pitcher plant.

(e) At the library. Yes, the library. A cool spot to sit, read and think. Plenty of wide, wooden benches beckoning to me to sit and enjoy the day.

Lovely. Go visit!

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