Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cards for my Sunday School kids

I really like how this blog helps me store good moments and reminds me of the creative things I've managed to complete this year. Waaay back when my friend Colin started a blog when they were still a novelty and called weblogs, I wrinkled my nose and wondered aloud, why would anyone want to write about their lives on the web? That just goes to show how right Steve Jobs was about consumers not knowing what they want. And how I'd really not be able to spot the next money-making idea in Silicon Valley.

But I digress.

Recently, I made cards for my Sunday School kids and posted them to their homes. Just to spread the love of Jesus and of snail mail.


Hey Chelle, your scraps came in handy

I like how I used rub-on letters to form the stem. And more scraps from Chelle came in handy! Just doing my part to save the earth.

I think of my style as being very streamlined and clean cut. The boys got cards with dino-themed paper. I made sure to include their name on the card, cos everyone loves their name right? Even if they don't care about getting a note from me, it's still a good decoration for their room or noticeboard or whatever.

The girls got cards with more embellishments. And girly colors.

And of course, a special touch - a star stamped onto the envelope.

Re-use materials, folks! Like this brochure from Crabtree & Evelyn for my test prints.

- The End - 

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