Sunday, July 15, 2012

Personal finance: managing cheques & savings

I happen to like writing cheques, and keeping tabs on my bills, and spending within my means.

A lot of this has to do with my dad, who got me started on accounting for my weekly allowance back when I started school, and took me to open my own POSB savings account when I was young.

Firstly, he always told us that our ang pow money wasn't our own. He took the view that my mum and him paid for everything and that all that we had came from them. He also held strong views about how I wasn't doing household chores for him, but it was for the whole family including myself. But that's another story. So I grew up with what I'd like to think is a healthy appreciation for all that I have.

Dad would scrutinize my weekly records and check that the figures tallied. I'll admit that some weeks when they didn't, I would make up the figures. Missing ten cents? Oops, add it to the Tuesday lunch money...

But the IMPORTANT thing is, I learnt to keep track of my finances and to spend prudently.

At the same time, dad helped me to save money in my account once I had a healthy surplus of $20 or so. This was kind of fun to work towards, and it incentivised me to save.

And so, this is my personal sharing on why it is that I totally enjoy managing my cheque book today!

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