Friday, July 27, 2012

My Ode to the West Wing

This is my somewhat nerdy post which I'm going ahead to air anyway.

Just finished (finally!) watching probably my favorite tv series ever, so far...The West Wing.

From the very first episode, I was mesmerized by characters striding through corridors, tossing quick-fire dialogue with intensity.

LOVE the opening score, the soaring music...

Sure, they meandered through not a few episodes. I was somewhat bored in the middle of the series.

And what would caucasus and lame duck congresses, congressional hearings and filibusters have to do with a girl from a completely different hemisphere, anyhow?

Yet, as I followed the ebbs and flows, triumphs and failures, the struggles and the mis-steps through the years, the show resonated with me through its echoes of my own challenges at work, being thrown into the deep end.  Just as the characters bounced back (always with that soaring music in the background, sometimes a little wistful), it felt kind of like no matter what happened, looking back, the struggles would become significant moments.

My favorite moments? All the feel-good ones like...

The stackhouse filibuster
Kristen Chenoweth coming on board
CJ & Danny's goldfish moments
The hiring of Charlie
I was bummed that Sam left...but happy that he came back in the last season
POTUS walking up the hill with Josh in a dramatic turn-around of events
Block of cheese days...
POTUS' father-son moments with Charlie
And the ending was so satisfying. Donna really came into her own!
Just to state a few.

It was an awesome cast: POTUS, Leo, Sam, Josh, Donna, CJ (you know, I can never watch her in a movie without going "CJ!!!"), Toby, Joey, Charlie et al.

And when I tuned into the Obama inauguration in 2009, I half expected Toby & Josh to pop up.

Thank you, west wing.  I had a great time watching. 

If you can meet with triumph and disaster
and treat them both the same... - Kipling

(p.s. This post was written last December. Recently, I took a look at the posts in my draft folder and will be doing some spring cleaning, which is why some posts are appearing very belatedly :)

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