Saturday, July 14, 2012

A walk around Tanglin Halt

You're quite a tourist, said my friend, referring to the fact that I'd been to the Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, top of MBS, ArtScience Museum...

Yah, I said. I haven't been traveling, what.  I've severely reduced my carbon footprint this year.

I rather like enjoying what's in front of me.

For instance, I like taking photos of old estates. They remind me of the simple neighborhood I grew up in. No fancy district for me; I had such a good time growing up - speeding down HDB stairways without a care in the world, cycling around the blocks, playing catching, hantam bola (and hantam slipper, and hantam ice - ouch).  One time we kids staked out a neighborhood block in the hope of catching a recalcitrant high-rise litterbug who had thrown out lots of tissue paper onto the small patch of grass in front. Great fun.

Photos of Tanglin Halt, just a little walk from Commonwealth MRT.

Love the faded sign, the old-school grilles, and the donald duck kid's ride out front.
Cobbler.'s Waiting for shoes to be done.

Low-rise blocks with a residential/commercial mix.

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