Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mushroom, Long Beans & Dried Shrimp Porridge

"...porridge with a delectable combination of mushrooms, minced meat, dried shrimps and diced long beans cooked stir-fried together and mixed into the porridge pot. Ooh, it's the best." - Manda, "My official Saturday food" (6 Sep 2008)
What? You mean I haven't shown you photos yet?

Oops. It's been languishing in a folder on my desktop.

Just a small sidetrack: I love the smell of these mushrooms. They look ugly but taste so good. But I say 'ugly' with affection because they're actually fascinating when you look really close, beautifully textured (and they smell yummy, at least to me).

This is my kind of comfort food. The kind of food that my aunt would feed to a few of us cousins from the same bowl/spoon while we watched tv or ran around the house.

It's quite easy-peasy, this porridge. Boil porridge in a big pot. Slice & soak mushrooms & dried shrimps (hei-bee). The minced pork shown here is in a frozen block, but anyway when it thaws, season with salt, pepper, light soya sauce, a little dash of black soya sauce if you like it dark like I do, and corn starch. All quantities based on aggaration... Also slice long beans (not shown here). Then stir-fry the minced pork, mushrooms, shrimps, long beans. Chuck this stir-fried mixture into the pot with the cooked porridge and stir it in. Leave to sit.

Add garnishing - sliced spring onions & chilli padi, fried shallots, and voila.

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