Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Red Kitchen Aid

On my previous Bali trip, I made birthday cupcakes. Boy, it was fun keeping it a surprise and whipping up a storm at 1120pm, i.e. shortly before midnight. The villa staff were so helpful and helped to gather the essentials like oil and butter, as well as this kitchen aid mixer!

So I mentioned this to my family when I got back home.

To cut a long story short, some time later, my brother suggested that we get our mother a KA for Christmas. Mostly out of practicality, we don't often get our immediate family presents unless there's something they particularly want or need. This year would be different, though.

We embarked on an investigation of market prices and debating which colour machine to get. Oh, it was tough. I even tried to engage my mother in a hypothetical which-colour-machine-would-you-like conversation (without much luck).

To speed up the story even more:
We ended up getting a red KA because there was a major sale happening online in the States and it was on sale. Even with shipping - and with the need to use a transformer because of the voltage difference - it was still worth our while to buy it online.

Then we hit a snag - shipping delays! We waited and pretended like we didn't have a present for my parents, which wasn't too hard to do.

The Christmas gift came a few days after Christmas, and my mum was thrilled. Thrilled enough to call my aunt (who was already in on the secret) and relate the thrilled that she couldn't go to thrilled that we did some cleaning and moving that very night and settled the KA into its permanent spot in the kitchen...

The mixer purrs like the Ferrari of mixers and it's beautiful to watch. Just a mixer, you might say...but a gift that we'll likely be talking about for many years to come :)

Special thanks to the BFF for helping to chase the fedex guys... oh and my old mixer was adopted by my aunt. The End.

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