Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stir-fried pork for dinner

On the menu tonight.

I can add one more recipe to my repertoire, but boy did the cooking go by in a whirl.

1) Prep: We used rib-eye, sliced into strips. Add dark soya sauce liberally to season. In a bowl, dissolve some corn starch in water, as seen here.

2) Cooking begins. Into the pan goes oil, chopped garlic. Then the black bean paste (tau chio), maybe a generously heaped spoonful. And some of my mother's nasi lemak chilli (oil, garlic, onions, chili, blended & fried), but she says sliced red chillies can be used too. It's got a bit of a szechuan taste, she says. Stir vigorously. Ingredients used are shown below (no need for salt for this dish because of the bean paste used):

3) Add the pork to the aforementioned pan. Expect lots of sizzle!! An exciting dish, this.

4) Pour in the corn starch mixture when the pork has been suitably pushed around and shown who's boss. Ok I just said that to amuse myself.

5) Turn down the heat, leave the mixture to simmer. This simmering (plus the corn starch effect) makes the pork softer & smoother.

6) Wait patiently for dinner time.

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