Saturday, February 19, 2011

At the Wet Market

Today we take a walk through the wet market!

The aunty in a dried-goods store is busy, busy, busy. Next to her is a fresh coconut grater, you don't see too many of these nowadays. I love the wide array of goods on display.

Luscious veggies. Er I think this is spinach.

I know what these are. Yummy. Water chestnuts are great boiled and eaten as they are. Or made into a cooling drink. Or chopped into tiny bits, mixed with minced pork, and wrapped into crunchy wantons. And of course lotus root is great for delicious soups.

My brother doesn't like this spiky-looking vegetable. But I do! Grate the skin off, slice into chunks, and stir-fry with egg...voila.

At the fishmonger's! Love the weighing scales hanging from the ceiling. I like the batang fish - the one that's got the grey skin and costs $5 apiece, seen here. When fried, the fish splits into neat quadrants.

We bought mangoes. They're sweet, said the vendor. Eat them tomorrow, he said. All the shops I passed by looked suspiciously like their owners had undergone training on how to better display their wares (lifelong learning, indeed).

We queued up to buy Char Siew and Sio-Bah. It felt rather satisfying to be lugging home food to put on the table and food to be cooked tomorrow, to boot!

I do so look forward to my Saturday mornings... till next week!

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