Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday Breakfast

My love for the everyday enjoyment of moments & things is pretty obvious, I think.

After the morning marketing, we stopped for some makan. Chwee-kueh. Kopi. DEEP FRIED carrot cake. F&N Cherryade.

I love how a saturday morning at the kopi-tiam feels. It's a chaotic, messy, come-as-you-are affair. Slightly dirty but in a D-rating-means-good-food kind of way. I enjoy seeing the hustle and bustle of aunties and uncles ekking out a decent living. The sight of families eating their morning wanton mee and prata kosong. Aunties having their morning kopi-o-siu-tai, with cookies brought from home (none of that no-outside-food business here).

So the marketing is on the table. We eat, relax, chat. This is communal eating (eat your heart out).

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