Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Bang-Kwang

Bang-Kwang: The filling one finds in popiah.

So today I have a potluck lunch at a colleague's place. I'm bringing home-made bang-kwang.
It took my mum & I about 45 min to make, including the times that I got in the way with my photo-taking and amateur skills. We started at 7am, and mum is now reading the papers, feet propped up on the table, ahh what a life.

We start with the basic ingredients: turnip and carrot. My mum is quite cute as she obligingly moves aside to accommodate my camera getting in the way.

We bring out the Benriner Japanese Blade.
But first, a warning:

Memo to self:
Use the medium blade next time. The fine blade made the turnip too thin, like mee sua.
The knobs to tighten the blade are underneath.
And there's a 3rd knob to adjust the height of the (errr what do you call it) platform on which the veggies are cut.

Ok let's cook!

The large pot gets oil and diced garlic. Once slightly yellow-brown, put in the carrots, followed soon after by the turnip, followed soon after by salt (to taste. I used 2 tiny heaped spoons) and dark soya sauce (aggaration, as always. Basically to get the bang-kwang to a slightly more pleasing brown colour.). Stir, leave to simmer.

The smaller pot is for boiling prawns. Once boiled, the water gets strained into the bang-kwang, and the prawns are peeled and sliced separately. These are the prawns that my mum bought from Chinatown before CNY, and we'd already de-veined and de-whiskered (Do prawns have whiskers? Well those whisker-like tendrils on prawns. Do prawns have tendrils?).

Stay tuned for the end result!

[8:30am. NTUC is open, says mum, should we get another turnip to re-do it properly...?]

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Chan said...

Tendrilly whiskers!!