Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perspectives on Pocky

Things I do on the train to work: peruse my photos and ponder their
prettiness. LOL.

I compiled this using a photoshop-like iPhone app called montage lite. It works really well and is good for stringing a couple of photos together. It's got other features like editing the colour and transparency of individual photos. Really easy to use and it's free;)

So- the story on the pocky is this: firstly, I am a (moderate, not rabid) pocky fan, junk food though it may be. I'm thrilled whenever I find new flavours - like a certain strawberry marble one from a shop I just found at Tampines1 last Saturday. It's a quirky japanese snack
emporium :)

This one, though, was left on my table one ordinary work day by Bee, one of my good friends from work. It's dipped in CHOCOLATE and laced with OREO crumbs. Cheer for a chocoholic!

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