Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to make Konnyaku Jelly

For Steph - sorry! tech issues!

You will need (shown in the photo):
Konnyaku powder - 1 pack (10gms), makes 24 jellies
Citric Acid - 1/8 teaspoon
Food colouring - 1 drop
Flavouring, e.g. Lychee - 1/4 teaspoon
And just for fun, some dried kiwi seeds

(not shown)
Caster Sugar - 210 gms
Water - 950 ml
Canned fruit - my mum used canned lychees

The name to remember is Red Man. Yes, Red Man. Proudly made in S'pore. Everything shown above is from Red Man, except the food colouring. You can get the ingredients from NTUC or directly from Phoon Huat. The most amusing discovery I've just made is that - after repeated attempts to save my photo of the ingredients - it's all on the Phoon Huat website! Just buy the Konnyaku Jelly powder and you'll find the recipe on the back of the packet :)

So anyway, what you do is mix the Konnyaku powder and caster sugar. Boil the water, then stir this mixture in. Keep stirring, add the citric acid, colouring and flavour.

Pour the Konnyaku solution into plastic moulds where you've already placed the fruit. Chill in the fridge.

Easy to do, and they just look so pro :)

Ta-da :)


Stephy said...

Thanks Manda! I tried the flavoured premix box last weekend and added longans. Think I'm going try the recipe you posted with lychees tomorrow :)

Rachat de credit said...

Thank you so much it was a good help, now to make konnyaku jelly is without a doubt easy utilizing your information. Thank you