Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another stationery store

Another shop discovery from my recent foray at Tampines1, the new mall. From a distance, it already looked like trouble. It's not a scrapbooking store exactly, but it's the closest thing to it in the east. Not luxe, but functional. It won't make you giddy and fork out twice what you intended to spend, more likely you'll make a calm, rational, value-for-money purchase and leave feeling pleased anyway.

To answer the obvious question: I bought 1 set of stickers. Very cute asymetrical heart stickers that will bring cheer to several people. $2.25 after discount (it's an offshoot of Popular!). Yes, a prudent purchase. Though in my mind I hear my mother scoffing. And rolling her eyes :) And for a moment I think, gosh, am I still that 7 year old spending her pocket money on stationery?!

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