Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Hand Waving

OOH. I am thrilled to add this blog to my list of blogs-to-check-frequently.

Janice Tay, ST correspondent, has been studying/working in Japan for some time and I've always enjoyed her articles. Unfortunately, the blog doesn't allow for linking to individual posts at the moment so one of the articles she wrote on 22 Sep 08 has to be searched for by entering 'vending' as a key word. It's about a seemingly inane Japanese blog about a vending machine. Totally Sassy-Girl like. I could see it playing out as a movie!

I love reading blogs! (to quote Steph :)
I like going through them the hard way. None of that Google reader stuff for me, it's just not the same experience :p
Another reason I'm happy to add this blog is that most of my blogs are American-based, with 1 Australian one. Lots of mummy blogs and people-who-love-fashion/design blogs, and people-who-love-scrapbooking blogs. Whimsical Asian blogs : none, till now! Whee.

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