Saturday, June 23, 2012

The story behind: cat in the doorway

So anyway I thought of a new random series - 'the story behind' my instagram photos. Or at least, some thoughts behind a photo.

Where: Haji Lane

When: A warm day in June, after lunch and on a day of tending to medical matters and whatnot. 

With: The BFF

I like the old shophouses, peeling paint and graffiti, contrasted with air-conditioned interiors and purveyors of pretty trinkets and atas items.

I like the quirky things you find along the lane, really dingy on the outside, and right along a narrow road (watch out for the occasional vehicle!). The cat in the doorway (name: Jack) looking out languidly onto the street was an unexpected sight. It's funny how things and places sometimes remind you of people - and the cat reminded me of my brother, who likes cats.

I like how I found a little respite & oasis in the middle of my day. If I could bottle up the feeling of that day, it would be a little warm and fuzzy.

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