Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Queenstown Dumplings

Comfort food. Simple and unpretentious.
Closed on Mondays, I believe.
At the Shanghai-something stall on the 2nd level of the food centre at Queenstown.
I like the fried dumplings better than the steamed ones.
My ideal combination is chicken rice + fried dumplings (and lots of ginger and vinegar) + sugarcane juice. Preferably with good company (but of course) on a cool day after a hard morning's work.

And why I bring this up is because I stumbled upon this yesterday (via here) and was so amused by how rough/hale/hearty my photos look in comparison. See the delicious dumplings in more elegant light here...

This has sparked off a food mood. I'll post more food pix soon :)

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