Monday, July 26, 2010

The first decade

I never planned to stay at my first workplace for ten years.
Then again (as Chelle knows) I never made plans to leave either, apart from periodic wonderings of 'what if...'

The year that I finished university, the job market wasn't too hot.
I knew of people the year before me who had taken several months to find a job.
So sometime in April, before my final exams, I looked out for vacancies, trudged to my lecturer's room to ask for a testimonial (thanks Dr Bhattar) and put my resume together (wasn't too difficult - there wasn't much to say).

And I prayed that God would bless the work of my hands.

And 3 months later I got a call asking me to go for an interview. Yes, very slow, I know.

I'm thankful for this job that has funded several (fabulous) holidays and made it possible for me to do many things. Being able to help other people, helping out when my brother went overseas to study. It has been good.

I think about the wet-behind-the-ears girl who wondered what lay ahead of her as she took the first train ride to work.

I think about the times I stressed out over things, the seasons of really late nights. And through it all, God took all that stress and carried me through.

So many things have happened since I started work, but all I can say is, I'm thankful :)

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