Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Like a house on fire

My neighbour's house caught fire.

It was major neighbourhood news, complete with a big red fire engine.

There was raging fire from a bedroom, blazing like the fire under a hawker's wok.
And smoke billowing out in a thick black cloud.
I know because my technology-shy mother remembered her phone had a camera and took a few shots from outside the block where she waited alongside other onlookers.

The neighbours were shaken but fortunately no one was hurt. Make sure you have home insurance, y'all.

When it was all over, other neighbours came by to gawk up close, children in tow. A kind of learning journey, like a 'see-that's-why-i said-cannot-play-with-fire' tour.

No photos of fire from me but I couldn't help noticing some artistic patterns created by the smoke ...

The inconvenient thing about a fire is the soot it leaves behind on everything. And you know how much I like a clean house. So I mopped the whole house and my dad did another round and still my feet are a little grey! Sigh!

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