Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photographers - Mikkel Vang & Paris Whittingham

It wasn't planned but I realise I've spent the last few posts talking about food.

So here's a link to some beautiful shots.

Mikkel Vang
I liked the sense of adventure and beauty in the photos.
I got to the website via a beautiful post on inchmark which also left me feeling rather inspired and in the mood to grab my camera and create something! I will be overseas the next two weekends and will try my best. Whee! I can't wait!

Paris Whittingham
Here's another website, this time from a NY-based photographer who writes about the love stories, like proposals, that he captures discreetly on tape (commissioned work, of course). I've always liked to read stories of people's lives. Although it does seem a little risky to pay someone to capture that special moment when the girl might possibly say no, yah?

Enjoying this work-free weekend loads...

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