Friday, May 28, 2010

Food for thought

Today is such a hot day.

And because I have some time, there will be lots of photos in this post.

Ain't this a pretty picture? I'm so proud of it ;)

Have been wanting to tell you about a beautiful little restaurant that has the best street view I've seen in Singapore.

I've spent many hours while on holiday enjoying museums and cafes and street views, and this place gives me the same happy feeling. (As you may know, I love love love trees and cafes and hot chocolate and cobbled streets.)

Introducing - Food for Thought.

It's on Queen Street, a short walk from Bras Brasah station, in the civic district. It's a quiet street so there are few vehicles and mostly locals and tourists walking by, cameras in hand or slung around their necks. Some people hurry by. Others stroll while admiring the old buildings along the street and still others stop to take photos.

Like so:

I love the decor, like the glass bottles strung up like fairy lights on the ceiling.

Any place that makes photos more magical or funds worthy enterprises deserves to be visited more than once.

I like to sit by the window and read a book while sipping a cool drink.

A giant bunny hovering by is fun to watch, too.
Rabbit!, squeal the children, happy to use a word they know.

He walked on, oblivious to the rabbit above him.


P.S. How could I forget a food shot?

The food's decent, not earth-shattering, but a place as pretty as this is satisfying enough for me!

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