Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Culinary Misadventures

Dinner when the regular cook is away

Vegetables were a bit limp.

Fried corn pork was ok, I thought. (but how wrong can you go with something out of a can, said my ungrateful brother. Hmph*, went I.)

* If you must know, I sliced the onion ever so carefully and tried to create some sort of a wok-hei taste with skillful stir-frying. Didn't work.

I thought the water in the pot looked too little, so I put in more... so the corn soup was bland. I had problems cutting the last bit of corn so after unsuccessfully trying to sever it with a knife...and then a chopper...(ever seen corn splatter on the wall?), I chucked the whole piece in.

Rueful is how I feel, but optimistic that I'll do better next time!
Let's remember that I do better at breakfasts...

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