Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturdays are bliss

My eyes have been lasik-ed for a week now, and I still find myself groping for my glasses in the morning. And feeling like I need to take my contacts off late at night. And I had a minor panic attack the other night when I realised that the halo around street lights were larger than before. Yikes, 0-Had I done something to permanently ruin some part of my vision?

But apart from that, it's been good. I feel like I am less tired these days, maybe because I don't have lenses to dry my eyes out, plus I've been diligently using eyedrops through the day. But we'll see if this turns out to be one of the unexpected benefits from the op!

And on to this good Saturday:
Like clockwork on a Saturday morning, I awoke at 6 all bright eyed (heh) and bushy tailed (not really but you know what I mean).

Breakfast of leftover pancakes, with my beautiful mother. (Is this pancake mix better, she asked. I nibbled. I concurred. Score 1 for Aunt Jemina pancake mix.) My daily dose of Nescafe Gold Blend. The Straits Times (mum starts on Section A. I start with the Life section.).

After a delightful breakfast, we adjourn to the living room. (I finish the rest of the papers and wait for mum to finish Section A :)

Mid-morning, the karung-guni uncle arrives. We save our papers for this particular guy. He gives a decent rate, reminds me of my uncles on my dad's side (bryll cream and old-school shirts), has a cheerful disposition, the right low tone of voice that is loud enough to let you know he is there without being annoying, and a row of pretty coloured raffia strings on his trusty trolley to boot. Many other people swing by the neighbourhood on weekends but this uncle is the real deal.

In case you're interested, the week's newspapers netted $1. The 2 insurance annual reports that were a total waste of time probably accounted for about 20 cents.

Disclaimer: this photo was taken some weeks ago and depicts about 2-3 weeks' worth of newspapers. Prices quoted are seasonal. Check with your friendly neighbourhood karung guni for prevailing rates.

And tonight, I think I will take my camera for a walk to the launch of the new double helix bridge. Maybe I'll get to test out the fireworks function on my camera!

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