Thursday, April 15, 2010

Part I: Eye story (and there WILL be a part II)

A night time photo! Pretty lamp hand-carried back from Turkey by Sheena :)

Tis late (for me) - almost 11pm.
Time for bed! Yawn.
But just 1 post.
Because tomorrow evening I am going under the knife.

Well, laser to be exact.

And the surgeon will do gross things like slicing my cornea and having a laser beam reshape my eye (any doctors reading this: please fill in the missing medical details yourselves :), flipping the cornea flap back and [something else happens..more blanks here] and ta da, my eyesight will be perfect. Grossed out yet? I am...

For the record, my eyesight is 550/600 and very low astigmatism. And I have small eyes but my cornea is slightly above the average in terms of thickness. And I have healthy eyes. So basically I can undergo lasik.

I'm sure it will go well.

But, what if it didn't...

Over the last few weeks, I have been fretting a little over a possible loss of sight while I mulled over this decision. What if it affected my photography? :( What if I couldn't blog any more? :( Or gaze at beautiful scenery?

I'm pretty sure it will go smoothly.

But really, sight seems extra precious right now! Treasure it...

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