Saturday, April 17, 2010

Part II: Eye told you eye'd be back

Hahaha. Did you like the pun? I thought it up in about 5 seconds :p

Here is a shot of me all garbed up in my small personal waiting space before and after surgery.

My thoughts around this time were, why on earth am I doing this?? I was sleepy, and standing between me and my bed was this little eye surgery.

It didn't help that there were several other patients in similar curtained cubicles and I could hear them post-surgery. The man to my left was groggy and sounded a bit disoriented. I could hear a Caucasian man on the phone with someone, talking about how it hadn't been as bad as he thought it was.

Anyhow, I was pretty nervous. I thought, what if there was a blackout in the middle of the whole procedure? Sometimes, it would be best to leave the vivid imagination at home.

I was downright stiff as I lay on the operating bed in the cold room. I heard loud noises. I visualised what was going on. There were two parts to the surgery; after they cut the cornea flap (the worse part of it all), they quickly moved me to the next machine for the lasers to reshape my eyes (medical details omitted) and thankfully, moved on to wash my eyes and gently flip the cornea flap back.

Despite what my aunt told me, my vision wasn't perfect immediately (seems it was the case for her). I stumbled out of the waiting room, silently traumatised but glad it was over. I could see well enough to walk out and meet my beautiful mother blessedly waiting for me outside. Homeward we zipped in a cab, me with my bug eyes (little eye guards to protect my eyes), got home, popped a sleeping pill and off to bed!

In less than 24 hours, my eyesight has gotten as good - or better - as when I was wearing contacts. And yes, I am happy to confirm that there was no pain, just slight discomfort and it done wonders for my eyes.


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