Sunday, January 3, 2010

So much to be thankful for

  1. The warm joy of family celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ - Immanuel, 'God with us'.
  2. A look back at the cards I received last year and thinking about the people near and dear to me. December was pretty hectic. I started my Christmas list 4 days before Christmas. A list is a mightily useful thing to have.
  3. Writing Christmas messages on paper source cards that I'd vowed to use this year...
  4. ...while my ham baked. A rather successful encore of the ham that I debuted last Christmas was warmly received and heartily consumed.
  5. In all, I did 3 spurts of Christmas shopping. Ending off an evening with hot chocolate and watching the world go by. My bedtimes went awry this past fortnight. It felt like I was on holiday in France again.
  6. Discovered what to do with all those calendar stickers. Created an impromptu treasure hunt for a good friend at work to hunt for her present.
  7. Supper at conrad's after christmas service. The place was beautifully empty and quiet. Talking. Reading Christmas cards. Unwrapping presents.
  8. Christmas day lunch at "nana's", an annual tradition. Devil's curry meets sushi rolls.
  9. Love the warm welcome at the door at lil's
  10. Buying capsicums for my "so raw" salad...
  11. ...for a delightful potluck get-together with friends at charlene's. Chocolate-dipped strawberries, Japanese ice cream (sea salt is incredibly nice) and iced wine, how very grown up.
  12. Amidst the candy canes, there was still time and space for good ol' sugar toast and tea at lil's
  13. An adventure, an escapade with Sheena after "the last service". Coffee and chatting late into the night.
  14. Welcoming the new year with champagne and kueh pie tee, a combination I find amusing
  15. Little hands grasp the brand new markers (an array of beautiful not-your-usual-colours and washable, mind you) that they received from yours truly
  16. Prawning with friends on new year's eve, AND I also managed to have some family time
  17. What to do with the prawns? Have steamboat, of course.
  18. A new work year dawns...and the story carries on. The cup was a gift from last year and I finally took it out to use. It is a nice glass gup with a good weight to it. There are challenges ahead but I will walk through it all with God.
Have a blessed 2010.

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