Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pre-wedding lull

Saturday morning.
Deciding what to wear. Thinking, I shouldn't wear something that I
would ordinarily wear to work. Special occasions are fun that way.
I went through several dresses, rediscovered things I'd forgotten.
Settled on a black dress from jacob (how I wish they had online
shopping), rustled on some makeup, party shoes, and off I went.

Anyway since I always wanted to do a 'things in my bag' post, here
goes: pretty brown clutch - a gift from Feli. The red wallet too.
Georg jensen keychain - gift from boss. Love pretty things... Many red
things in my bag like my iPhone cover and the red Ang pow for the
wedding couple! Oh and a scarf I bought in Phuket the first time I
ever travelled with Feli :)

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