Friday, November 27, 2009

6 hours

I am a pretty good hoarder, so once in awhile I find it necessary to pack my room and take out the things I've squirreled away. Craft stuff, like this melted shell stamp I found this morning, don't last forever, sadly. So I have set up my "christmas workstation" and vowed to use the pretty things in my stash, to use the paper trimmings I made last year at chelle's, to the beautiful paper source labels I bought 3 years ago, to the cute stickers I've had for longer than that.

This being a public holiday (love it when it's right next to a weekend), I felt a sudden zestiness and got to work cleaning with a vengeance.

7am Awake! Yes, I am a morning person. Breakfast! Yes, I am also a breakfast person. A public-holiday-means-eggs-and-bacon-or something-like-that person. Scanning the newspapers.

730am As it usually happens, one thing leads to another so I start washing my makeup brushes and as momentum picks up, I start keeping this and washing that and before you know it, the activity spreads to my bedroom where I tackle the major pile of stuff which has lain there a whole week since the carnival. Phew.

10am Snack time - fruits: oranges, plums. I dunno, just some random detail that I might be amused to read about some time in the future.

In between - checking email. checking facebook. surfing some blogs. Finding an idea that we might use for my brother's surprise birthday (cup)cake(s), I drop a note to my cousin who is probably still asleep. Bum.

10:30am Inspired by photos in facebook, I remember that I meant to get some lomo applications for my iphone. I think I bought about 4 apps for 99cts each, including a very lame quiz game that is bound to be a hit with the cousins and assorted kids in my life. Surfing round takes time. Hit the sync button and on with the cleaning.

1110am There is a pile of stuff on the floor. Mess!!! But there is a method to the madness. And always, there is a plastic bag nearby in which stuff gets tossed. toss, toss, toss. Therapeutic. Bags get wiped and stored. Un-needed things are removed. Receptacles are repurposed. The floor begins to emerge again, like a beach on which the tide is receeding. Poetic eh, I just thought of that on the fly.

1230pm Lunch with the family. A lazy lunch. A chapalang type of lunch with porridge and leftover duck. And leftover ikea meatballs and chicken wing (yes, 1 chicken wing).

1pm I am updating my blog when my mum mossies in. She avoids using the computer as much as she can and prefers to outsource her online needs to me, her beloved offspring. Check the cpf rates, she instructs. Dad sent her a link to this autistic savant the other day, she says, check it out. Actually, she doesn't say 'autistic savant' - she says go into my email and the link will be there...nononono mum, i'll just google it. I have it in less than a minute (ty google) and she is impressed. So clever, she says. Well, it's not actually me, I'm forced to admit.

And so we watch a short clip of Stephen Wiltshire, whom you can read about right here. Hey a girl's got to check her sources. Very cool, and inspiring.

And that's just the first 6 hours. I've had a full day already!

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