Friday, November 27, 2009

Heart Craft

Last weekend, a bunch of my friends generously gave of their time, tools and craft materials at a craft stall in a church carnival. It's not your usual type of carnival stall but we figured we would have fun and even if no one bought anything, we could spend the time making our own Christmas cards...

No such luck! We were busy busy busy. Admittedly a little - ok a lot - disorganised at the start but we quickly warmed up and soon we were swamped with orders. These artistic activities take time and loads of creative juice, y'know.

It was a fun day, even if we were tired out by the end of it all. And we had a great time hanging out together. It was gratifying to see the notebooks being enjoyed by the people who bought them. Some people lingered around to see us beavering away, in the midst of our messiness. Oh, we were so messy! Some notebooks were meant as surprise gifts, including 2 that were specially commissioned by an uncle for his nieces in the US. They are somewhere out there, in a Christmas package! Other people stood in front of our work table and thought aloud of the people they could commission notebooks for.

I've always thought that people treasure things with their names on them a whole lot more. Personalised gifts are cool :)

p.s. we raised about $540 (from notebooks and some stuffed bears too), and it's all going to support community work among the elderly and disadvantaged families in the Tg Rhu and Old Airport Rd area :)

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