Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here's looking at you, kid

I had a good time gallivanting tonight. Bought new craft stuff from Made With Love that I can't wait to use. Serendipitously bumped into Chelle who has a discount card! Whee. Hopped over to vivocity where I met up with my cousin who's temping at the national geographic store's Big Blue exhibit. Oh, the funny questions passers-by have it real?..(feeding time's at 4, she says, deadpan. She has her dad's sense of humour.) Anyway, the exciting thing to a stationery freak like me was there were free notebooks up for grabs! Fill in a short quiz related to the exhibit and exchange it for a notebook at the nearby very cool Nat Geo store. I want to go back to the Nat Geo store soon and check out all there cool stuff. the exhibit's on only till 3 may, folks! I know, I know - I've been caught, hook, line and sinker :) Ok I just had to say that.

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