Friday, April 10, 2009

Life Un-Emcumbered

I am feeling a little under the weather.
Maybe it's a post-holiday reaction, what with the loss of my million-dollar pool-and-sea view at breakfast time?
I was pretty busy when I got back to work, and it was a relief that this week was a short one.

So. I have a slight cold on the horizon but a long weekend ahead of me. So far, so good.

I am indulging in enjoying the moment, reveling in my beloved weekend morning activities i.e. lolling about the couch with newspapers in hand and surfing about the blogosphere. And hunting for cool new fonts.

And oh! This has just tickled me. A photo of canoing (or kayaks? I never know the diff.) in France, via a cup of jo. There was a time when feli and I were in France and we were taken with a wild fancy to canoe in some river in the middle of nowhere. So we got all excited and started making long-distance phone calls in a bid to get ourselves some kayaks. (Bonjour monsieur, do you have any kayaks...?) Alas, we were foiled by a lack of time for the said kayaking. Still, we tried. Ah, days of freedom and fancy.

It is a very good Friday indeed.

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