Friday, May 1, 2009

My noticeboard, May 09

I brought my stamps home from work where I've been doing craft stuff with a colleague at lunch. This being a long weekend, and with my new stamps, I thought I'd have time for some craft. Made a card for Joel & Mandy who got married this May Day.

I've been playing with my friend's Polaroid camera. I wasted one shot at lunch with Stella, Jac and Sheena when I accidentally pressed the wrong button. There went $3. I stuck it up on my board as a reminder of lunch, and I tried stamping on it to see the effect.

A giant A by Adobe which I love. I tore it out of a brochure.

Christmas card from Sheena. We made our cards at Chelle's store, I mean, home :)

Some Lomo photos that I cut up.

A little pen and marker thing I did after seeing Jacob's website.

And things that have been on my noticeboard for ages... what I have previously described as a decorative thing, and a toothpick-and-macaroni-letters painted over with nail polish from a secondary school fun fair made by my one of my classmates. Someone once said that things in my house don't change that much, which is pretty true!

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