Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saying farewell: brought to you by the letter C

Two weeks to go before I move to my new workplace and I'm looking forward to it.

I have been shredding with a vengeance, quite a lot of which was stuff I lugged with me from my previous job. My friend C says I move jobs too little. C, a seasoned mover, regularly clears her stuff each month. Ah, well, we learn.

For this move, I'm bringing as little as possible with me. I'm limiting my stationery, junking a decade's worth of training notes, packing things to bring home. I gave away documents to people who would use them, and a cushion to my cleaning lady. 

Feeling all fresh and psyched! And admittedly, I'm thinking that I won't stay too long in my next job. Stay long enough to accomplish things and make a difference, and move off once things stabilize and some one else can take over. (We'll see...)

So anyway I made a little keepsake for C, who is a pink fanatic. I had letters, acrylic, even sparkly flower stick-ons (thank you Chelle!) which I put together fairly quickly. Although it doesn't show up that well in the photo, it also has some sparkly bits from shimmery powder that I sprinkled on the still-wet acrylic paint.

For the backing, I punched some small holes in a piece of firm paper and threaded pink ribbon (thank you Chelle! :p)  to hold the letter in place.


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