Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Saturday in February

Saturday! Woohoo. My favorite day of the week.

Breakfast...and an early morning cycle. Joggers, Walkers, Cyclists, possibly Minister-spotting (well even Ministers need time out), birds chirping, kites a-fluttering amidst tree branches, the sun playing hide-and-seek, and oh the wind was lovely this morning.

This being CNY season (the remaining days of it), we have one last round of yu-sheng with the family, and a jolly excuse to get together and chill out.

Although I don't do any of the cooking, I'm pressed into service when needed. This morning's schedule includes wringing water from the shredded vegetables for the yu-sheng. My marvel of a mother makes her own yu-sheng. Or at least, she prepares the vegetable, pomelo, raw fish, preserved octopus etc and we buy the sauces & crispy bits.

Artistically arranged by mum. Green radish, white radish & carrot.

The shredded vegetables are wrung and kept in the fridge to dry out until dinner time.

A look back at the year of the Rabbit (Did you see the Wabbit?)

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